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The path to a well-traveled career in MLS runs through Chivas USA

Want to really see all of MLS? You have to make a stop with the Goats at some point.

Before Sturgis, Riley was the most recent member of CUSA's well-traveled pack
Before Sturgis, Riley was the most recent member of CUSA's well-traveled pack

On Tuesday, Chivas USA acquired midfielder Nathan Sturgis via trade. Once he hits the field in a competitive game for the Goats, Sturgis will break a record for most MLS teams played for in a career, with seven. The guy is only 26 years old!

It turns out, if a player is going to get around the league, he's practically required to make a stop at some point with Chivas USA. Here are the players who have played for six teams in their MLS career:

Italics: Still active
* -  Hasn't yet played for that team

That's right, five of the six players who have played for the most teams in MLS history featured at Chivas USA at one point or another. They are the only team to have that many players on that list.

Of course, just because a player plays for a lot of teams, that doesn't mean he's any worse than a player who stayed with the same club for his entire career, especially in MLS, where the salary cap often forces players to move on. Also, expansion has been a hallmark of the era, leading to several of these moves among this group of players.

But the stat perhaps does say quite a bit about Chivas USA. By now, it's obvious that instability has been a hallmark of this club, and picking up well-traveled player after well-traveled player may indicate a team that's looking for quick solutions in gaining experience. Some of the players did very well with the Goats, while others were so-so.

Overall, it's not a massively revealing statistic, but one worth noting anyway. It's not everyday you come across yet another player who has seemingly played for every team, and guess what! He's played for CUSA too, only Chivas USA seems to get these players an awful lot.

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