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Forward Jose Correa back with Chivas USA, recovering from ACL tear

He's back! But he's not going to play for awhile.

Victor Decolongon

It's not just players who are on the field for Chivas USA who have torn their ACLs this year.

In addition to Thomas McNamara and Martin Rivero, both of whom have suffered season-ending injuries while with the Goats, one more player under contract to CUSA, forward Jose Correa, also tore his ACL, back in February, while on loan with Gimnasia in Argentina.

The estimates out of Argentina at the time was that he would be out eight months. Quick math...February plus eight months equals...October. If his recovery goes well, maybe he'll be ready to play in October.

But with which team? Chivas USA did not disclose the length of his loan, though it seemed likely it was for a year. That year was up recently, and Correa was seen around the Goats' "home" stadium earlier this month:

Was he just passing through? Is he back with Chivas for good?

It appears the latter is the case, at least for now, as The Goat Parade confirmed with a Chivas USA spokesperson earlier this month. According to the spokesperson, Correa "is receiving treatment and recovery in Los Angeles."

In other words, it looks like Correa is back from his loan. But since it's been less than five months since the injury occurred, don't expect him to suit up and play for Chivas USA anytime soon, if at all this season. we'll keep you posted if that changes.

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