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Gabriel Farfan permanently transferred to Chiapas FC

Garfan won't be coming back to Los Angeles.

Farfan: Now in Liga MX full time.
Farfan: Now in Liga MX full time.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Gabriel Farfan's time with Chivas USA is officially over.

Recent reports on Chiapas FC's official website had the midfielder back in preseason training with the club. Farfan went on loan with the Liga MX side in February, on what was announced as a six-month stint.

Farfan only ended up playing in three league games in the 2014 Clausura, after suffering an injury during his initial time with the club. Nonetheless, the team liked what they saw enough to bring him on board full-time, as a Chivas USA spokesperson confirmed to The Goat Parade on Friday that Farfan has been transferred to the Mexican team permanently.

Farfan joined the Goats in May 2013, in a lopsided trade with the Philadelphia Union, in which Chivas USA sent over their top 2014 SuperDraft pick (which turned out to be #2 overall) and Allocation money, something that seemed wholly incommensurate with his previous showing in MLS. That turned out to be the case. Though he had some competent moments in a red-and-white jersey, I never thought he would blossom into anything more than a utility player in MLS. And then he stomped on Shane O'Neill in his final start for Chivas last season, drawing a red card and suspension. He made two more appearances last year, but it seemed like his antics had finally proved to be a breaking point.

Perhaps remarkably from Chivas USA's perspective, a Liga MX team was indeed interested in Farfan, and he went on loan in the first half of the season. Now he's gone for good.

The big question, of course, is whether this move means Chivas USA got a transfer fee from Chiapas. When asked, a CUSA spokesperson did not have a definitive answer regarding a transfer fee.

It seems likely they did, in that the chance that Farfan was out of contract in the middle of the MLS season is slim to none (MLS basically never signs domestic players on contracts ending in the middle of the season). It is possible a buyout was involved, but unclear who would have actually bought out the contract. A transfer fee would have been far easier to maneuver than a contract buyout, it would seem.

Still, most teams in MLS at least disclose if they get a transfer fee when a player is transferred abroad. Perhaps CUSA isn't willing to disclose that information, or perhaps they didn't get any money in the deal. Maybe we'll get more information about this at a later date.

And if the Goats got some money from the transfer, then it would probably prove to be good business for them. If they didn't, they got rid of a player who wasn't really that popular and wasn't a star, after bringing him in with possibly one of the worst trades in MLS history.

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