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Dan Kennedy takes Ice Bucket Challenge, apparently moonlights as ChivaFighter

Oh you know, just going down a bouncy slide with a mascot's head on, getting doused with icewater, all in a day's work.

Dan "Sometimes ChivaFighter" Kennedy
Dan "Sometimes ChivaFighter" Kennedy
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

You have probably seen the videos going around of people taking the "Ice Bucket Challenge," an initiative in which somebody calls a few people out, then those people are supposed to either film themselves getting a bucket of icewater poured over them within 24 hours and then challenge more people, or donate to the ALS Association, all in the name of awareness of and funding to fight ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Chivas USA's Dan Kennedy took the Ice Bucket Challenge:

While it wasn't as crazy as some of the videos out there (no helicopters were used to dump water on someone, for example), the entrance of bounding down a bouncy slide with the ChivaFighter head on is a touch wacky, in a good way.

Two notes here:

  • Does DK moonlight as ChivaFighter? That would explain why the mascot has big muscles.
  • Hilarious move by the third kid in dousing Kennedy's lower half in icewater, after it seemed like the coast was clear.

On a serious note...ALS is a hell of a disease, and one for which there's no cure. Having personally known someone who died of it, hopefully the more awareness and money raised, the faster a cure can be found.

By the way, if you are interested in donating, go to the ALS Association's website.

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