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Official: Chivas USA acquire forward Felix Borja on loan from LDU Quito

The Goats get two forwards for the price of...ok, they probably paid full price for both.

Borja in his new colors.
Borja in his new colors.
Chivas USA Communications (used with permission)

Better late than never, I suppose.

Chivas USA announced on Thursday, a full week after the Transfer Window closed, that they have obtained forward Felix Borja on loan from Ecuador's LDU Quito. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Although there was a delay in announcing the news, the good side of that is that Borja's paperwork is apparently all in order and he's eligible for Saturday's game against the Vancouver Whitecaps. It's unclear if he's fit to play yet, but we could see him in action as soon as this weekend.

Borja, 31, is of course the second player brought on loan from LDU Quito this summer, following the surprise announcement of Luis Bolaños' acquisition last week. With Borja, there was an indication something was in the works, since the Ecuadorian club announced he was coming to CUSA on Twitter two weeks ago.

A former Ecuadorian international, Borja played in the 2006 World Cup and has 23 caps for his country. He's played in several good leagues around the world, getting his start with El Nacional in Ecuador from 2001-06, before moving to Greece's Olimpiacos from 2006-08. Then he went to German side Mainz, first on loan and then permanently, from 2007-10, before moving to Mexico. He signed with Puebla in 2010, then was transferred to Pachuca in 2011, but was loaned back to Puebla for 2013. Earlier this year, he returned to Ecuador with LDU Quito, before heading up to MLS.

Borja is now the third Ecuadorian on the roster, following Bolaños and Oswaldo Minda. If only Miller Bolaños had remained on the team. And Victor Estupiñan...ok, I'm going too far now.

CUSA coach Wilmer Cabrera talked up Borja's leadership qualities in the release announcing the news, which can't hurt. But this team needs goals -- hopefully Borja, Bolaños and the rest of the squad can join Erick Torres in banging them in!

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