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Former Chivas USA coach Chelís has a moment on Twitter with defender Bobby Burling

Abrazos all around!

Chelís: Says he's playing a lot of golf.
Chelís: Says he's playing a lot of golf.

Jose Luis Sanchez Sola, aka Chelís, was head coach of Chivas USA for less than six months, but he was like a supernova, burning brightly as he crashed to earth abruptly.

The players on that CUSA team appeared to really enjoy playing for Chelís, and the coach appears to still be fond of his players, as he reached out to defender Bobby Burling on Twitter on Friday night:

A combination of warmth on both sides, Chelís' characteristic humor and honesty ("I don't have a job"), and done in English and Spanish by both Chelís and Burling.

2013 may have been a very difficult year, but at least it produced some warm feelings between player and coach. And at least it was somebody as entertaining as Chelís at the helm during one of the craziest years in MLS history.

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