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Poll: What should Chivas USA give Landon Donovan as a parting gift on his retirement tour?

Donovan grabbing his swag in Columbus.
Donovan grabbing his swag in Columbus.
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably heard by now that Landon Donovan is set to retire as a pro soccer player at the conclusion of this MLS season. Much like another very famous player in another sport, Derek Jeter, Donovan's final months have taken on the air of a retirement tour, as the LA Galaxy's two road opponents since his announcement have given him parting gifts on his last trip to their stadiums.

The Columbus Crew got the ball rolling, giving Donovan a framed piece of the net into which he scored his last U.S. Men's National Team goal in World Cup qualifying last September. A slice of history, something a bit outside the MLS was a classy gesture.

Then, the Colorado Rapids decided to take a step up with the gifts last week, giving him a ski pass, a fancy gift basket and a bottle of wine from owner Stan Kroenke's vineyard, among other items.

Guess what his next "road" game will be? That's right, Sunday against Chivas USA. So, what's going to happen? You have to imagine CUSA brass have to give him something. But what's an ownerless club stuck in a holding pattern to do when social convention is now being written to expect a parting gift for the rival team's biggest star?

So let's see what you think. We've provided a range of ideas for you to vote on in the poll, but by all means, if you have better ideas, let us know in the comment section below!