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Chivas USA's loan signing Luis Bolaños was stuck waiting for visa, but is close to being ready for selection

A delay in the striker's arrival, but he appears close (more or less) to making his debut.

Alanbar2013 - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Remember earlier this month, when Chivas USA announced the surprise loan signing of Ecuadorian forward Luis Bolaños. Wondering why he hasn't been listed in the matchday 18 for any of the three games since the team announced his acquisition?

It seems that he was still waiting on his visa.

Bolaños spoke with Emmanuel Quispe about his situation, hopes and aspirations for this stint with Chivas USA, whenever it begins in earnest, in an article that ran on FutbolMLS on Tuesday (Spanish).

In the article, Quispe says Bolaños was still waiting for his visa, as of the time of the interview. Is that still the case? If his visa is held up for two and a half weeks (plus, presumably the time spent securing this deal prior to its announcement), might the move itself be in jeopardy?

The Goat Parade spoke with a Chivas USA spokesperson on Tuesday about the situation. According to the team spokesperson, the information from FutbolMLS regarding Bolaños' visa situation was "outdated," and Bolaños is now in fact with the club. He will be fully cleared to participate with the team in training and games upon completion of his physical.

So, it seems Bolaños had a considerable delay in getting to his new team, as he just recently got the paperwork to allow him entry, but as per the club, he's in town now. Assuming the physical goes well (one never knows, but these tend to be routine) he should be cleared to play this week.

While his actual match fitness level at present is unknown, it's unclear if he would see any action as soon as Sunday against the LA Galaxy. Perhaps, or more likely, he'll be brought in by Wilmer Cabrera in a couple weeks' time. Still, with the team increasingly desperate to break their long scoreless streak, which now stretches just over four full games at present, Bolaños could get a run out sooner than later.

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