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Report: MLS asking $60 million for Chivas USA

Time to panic regarding the future of this club?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

So, about that anticipated announcement of Chivas USA's future...

I know many fans of the team, as well as MLS fans in general, believed this week, with the league in Portland for All-Star festivities, would be the point when the announcement would be made, the new owners of the club would be revealed, and the glorious future of the club could begin.

Well, there's been basically no public chatter about any announcement forthcoming, and then Steven Goff of the Washington Post tweeted this out on Monday:

This would indicate basically the opposite of the report made in April by San Cadilla, that an owner was in place and MLS was running the show for a year to try and fix some of the most pressing problems, before revealing the new owner after the World Cup. Well, the World Cup's been over for nearly a month now...

And that's why many lit upon the All-Star Game as the venue for the announcement. But Goff's report would indicate there isn't any forthcoming, and the actual prospect of having an owner ahead of 2015 may be on rocky ground.

As for the asking price, multiple reporters had it after the league bought the club from Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes in February for $70 million. As a result, Goff's reported asking price of $60 million makes it look like the league is starting to get concerned that there aren't any credible buyers out there. And if the league is getting desperate, they may end up selling to an owner who isn't any better than Vergara. Or they may fold and/or move away from LA.

For Chivas USA fans who have been skeptical about the team staying in LA and having a "happily ever after" story, Goff's tweet would indicate that the storybook ending may not be in the cards after all.

We'll of course keep you posted with any developments, good, bad or otherwise, on the Chivas USA/LA2 ownership situation.

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