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Little wonder: Chivas USA 0, Sporting Kansas City 4

Another game, another loss. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Can't tell if he's praying, clapping, or hitting himself, but you get the idea.
Can't tell if he's praying, clapping, or hitting himself, but you get the idea.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I almost published a piece that said "What is the point?" 25 times in lieu of an actual match report.

But because I'm a professional (believe it or not), I realized this game needs a record of some sort, even if it doesn't feel like the time to write about a loss.

Here goes: Chivas USA hosted defending champs Sporting Kansas City on Friday for the teams' only meeting of 2014.

Dom Dwyer broke his team's single-season scoring record in the 40th minute, as he took a long pass from Graham Zusi and beat Dan Kennedy to the ball to finish. He's now got 19 goals on the season.

Benny Feilhaber doubled the lead in first half stoppage time, as he made a late run in the box off Antonio Dovale's curving shot, which bounced off the far post. That rebound came right at Feilhaber, who got a touch to it to get it in the net.

Graham Zusi basically demonstrated that the game was over, and perhaps the season, and perhaps this team altogether, in the 52nd minute, as he patiently took the ball along the top of Chivas' box and beat the throng of Goats' players in the vicinity, before rifling a shot past everyone to the far post.

And to add the cherry on the crap cake, Claudio Bieler was dusted off, as he came off the bench and scored in the 87th minute on a breakaway, beating a hapless Kennedy with a tightly angled shot to make it 4-0.

Honestly, Chivas played reasonably well before Dwyer's goal. They had a couple of half chances, nothing that you'd say was really outstanding, but they kept Sporting mostly away from their goal and held the ball sometimes.

But once the first goal went in, it was pretty clear CUSA would roll over, and that they did.

To be fair to the players, those who were around in 2012 admitted that the shakeup late in the year following Jorge Vergara's purchase of all of the team distracted them and played a part in the long winless streak to see out the year. I can't entirely blame them if the same is happening again, especially when the team's very existence is in doubt.

But, geez. It's tough when you're torn between wanting a team in any form, when it's threatened to be taken away altogether, and wanting a team that can finally get its act together and quit propping up the rest of the league.

This is a true existential crisis.

That's all I can manage on the topic for now. Don't worry, as we'll have a lot more to talk about very soon.

In the meantime, what do you think? Leave a comment below!