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Poll: Is it a good idea for Chivas USA to go on hiatus?

Tell us what you think about the rumored hiatus.

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

We've had less than a day to process the bombshell report from that Chivas USA could go on hiatus from MLS play in 2015 (and perhaps beyond), with the quoted likelihood in the original report that it's a "99 percent certainty."

The league still needs to either confirm the report or deny it and prepare the team to play next season, something the team's current employees are doing, in part because they haven't been told otherwise, and in part because it isn't yet confirmed.

But it's a weird, weird situation, and certainly there is a variety of opinions on the matter.

So let's hear it — tell us what you think about the report, and vote in our poll below. If a hiatus took place, would it be a blip for LA2? A death certificate for the club? Something in the middle?

We want to hear what you think, so feel free to share your opinion.* Let's talk about this.

* Trolling will not be tolerated - just throwing that out there right away.