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Watch: Dan Kennedy and Wilmer Cabrera respond to question about Chivas USA hiatus report

The quotes are standard, really, but the visual component is pretty important.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The report that Chivas USA may go on hiatus for the 2015 season, and perhaps beyond, broke on Friday afternoon in California, just hours before the team played a game, against Sporting Kansas City. The game ended up being what the English call a damp squib, in part because it was another huge loss, and in part because the question about the team's future fate seemed a bit more relevant than just another game.

Fortunately, a reporter, Phil Collin of the LA Daily News, asked a couple of CUSA members about the hiatus report following the game, and even better, he did it on video!

First, he asks head coach Wilmer Cabrera about it during the postgame press conference:

Then, he asks Chivas goalkeeper and longest-tenured player in team history Dan Kennedy about the report:

I don't want to read too much into these responses, because I think they make a lot of sense and are likely completely truthful (if not, then likely mostly truthful — if more about a mooted hiatus plan was circulating, more of it would have likely leaked by now).

But the best part of this is that they are on video, so we can see their facial expressions when being asked about the hiatus report.

Cabrera does the vigorous head shake, the wheels seemingly already turning in his head about how to change the subject as quickly and seamlessly as possible (which he does well, it must be said).

Poor DK, on the other hand. For about five seconds, it looks like his face goes from terror to incredulity over being asked the question to realizing he's being videotaped and then having to regain his composure before responding. His response is professional, as he answers the question quite directly but also knows the value of spinning it to the season at hand, something he's had to do countless times over the years.

Again, I could be reading way too much into this, and their responses are more or less what you would expect given the circumstances. But it's great to see the visual component that goes with these quotes, especially in this context, and for that, we have to thank Collin for grabbing these clips and asking these questions.

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