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Erick "Cubo" Torres is a hot commodity in possible post-Chivas USA world

It appears at least one team has been sniffing around the club's breakout star.

Cubo: A wanted man.
Cubo: A wanted man.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

If Chivas USA goes on hiatus next year, one of the first questions is what happens to the players currently on the team. Although we'll have to see if a hiatus does come, it seems there are a select few players who would be coveted by teams around the league, starting with forward Erick "Cubo" Torres.

The 21-year-old leads his team in scoring and remains in the top five in the league in scoring, despite not having netted a goal since July. He also recently made his first appearance for the Mexican national team, so things are looking up for the guy.

CUSA president Nelson Rodriguez said earlier this year that terms of Cubo's loan deal from Chivas de Guadalajara to Chivas USA include an option to extend the loan (which was done in June) and an option to purchase his contract, something Rodriguez at the time indicated the team is interested in.

But if the team ceases to exist, then what? Well, Cubo's deal is with MLS, not CUSA, so the league could still opt to pick up the purchase option come the end of this season, though they would then have to figure out where he would go.

And it seems that other MLS teams were already sniffing around regarding Cubo:

So, it looks like $7 million is the option purchase price. Will MLS pick it up, if CUSA exists or not? We'll have to see.

And, I suppose on the bright side, the league didn't opt to blow up Chivas USA entirely during this season. The fanbase has already been upset enough over a variety of roster moves this season, but could you imagine Cubo getting traded during the season?

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