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MLS Commissioner Don Garber acknowledges Chivas USA might not play in 2015

No set decision yet, but hiatus/permanent shuttering looks like it's right around the corner.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Well, confirmation of sorts came down on Thursday, when MLS Commissioner Don Garber was asked about the status of Chivas USA. With the club reportedly on the brink of taking a hiatus from league play in 2015 and perhaps beyond, Garber for the first time addressed the report, essentially confirming Brian Straus' report on from last week.

Garber said the team could sit out 2015 or longer. However, according to him, that decision is contingent on a new owner taking over the team.

According to an AP report from Ronald Blum on Thursday:

Speaking Thursday after the launch of the league's new logo, Garber said he expects an agreement to acquire the team by the end of the season and ''once we get an ownership group in place, we'll sit down them (sic).''

So, it looks like the end is near. It's not official, but if the break is dependent on there being an owner in place, then it looks like it's lights out for the club regardless. If an owner is in place, it would appear the time away from MLS play would be temporary, while if an owner cannot be found, then it looks like the team wouldn't carry on with playing, either.

Of course, we'll have more information as it becomes available on this story.

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