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Major League Soccer reveals new logo for 2015 season

Chivas USA gets their own...catch it while it exists!

The new CUSA-specific crest.
The new CUSA-specific crest.
MLS Digital

In news that is certainly relevant but perhaps beside the point if you are a Chivas USA fan, Major League Soccer revealed their new logo on Thursday. Among the players in attendance for the announcement along with stars from other MLS teams was Chivas USA striker Erick Torres, who is of course suspended for the team's game this weekend anyway.

Here's the logo, minus the explanatory words in the actual crest, of course:



The other innovation is that the crest will be used in the general context, as seen above, with the new color scheme, as well as in team-specific color schemes. In the case of the team that still exists called Chivas USA, it looks nearly the same as the league crest, since the colors are essentially the same, but for other teams, it's drastically different.

Of course, who knows what the future holds, and if Chivas USA will actually be involved in the league next season, when the logo is fully rolled out.

You can find more information on the new crest on

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