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ESPN reports MLS torn on possible Chivas USA hiatus, Sacramento Republic FC tried to buy club

It seems it's really all in play right now regarding Chivas USA's future.

Rodriguez: Isn't against Chivas USA name returning.
Rodriguez: Isn't against Chivas USA name returning.
Drew Hallowell

ESPN's Jeff Carlisle dropped a really great article on the Chivas USA situation on Thursday that's worth a read. Seriously, go read it in its entirety, because it is jam-packed with information.

Here are some of the highlights/notable notes:

  • Despite MLS Commissioner Don Garber confirming the possibility of a team hiatus for 2015, perhaps longer, Carlisle reports that there is a contingent at the league office that is "dead set against the idea of Chivas USA going on hiatus. The thinking is that such a decision would create an impression of instability, despite the impressive momentum the league has generated in recent years."
  • In fact, the prospect of a hiatus may be coming directly from the prospective owner, as a condition of paying approximately $100 million for the team. So it may not be the league pushing this move, but rather the next owner (assuming a deal goes through).
  • Current Chivas USA president Nelson Rodriguez has approached the league about keeping the current name for "another season" (I would assume 2015).
  • First-year USL PRO side Sacramento Republic FC did indeed try to buy Chivas USA, in order to move the club to NorCal, but MLS turned them down.
  • And a killer quote from Rodriguez:
"Everything is a function of time and money, both of those. And so if sufficient resources were applied, I think a rebrand could still take shape. I also think if we returned as Chivas USA, but improved our investment on promotion, and marketing and driving fans to the game, I think we could still be successful."
This is a pretty crazy quote, if you ask me. I am glad he acknowledges that pretty much nothing was done this year, which makes me wonder if this is his way of publicly complaining about no investment in marketing the team, or if he's just stating a fact. Either way, I recognize the strange position he was in, but it seems gutsy to effectively say, "We did nothing this year. But things will be different next year, we just need another chance."

At any rate, it seems everything is still in play regarding this club. We'll of course provide all updates as we learn about them.

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