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Chivas USA East? Greg Vanney's coaching staff at Toronto FC has deep Chivas roots

Is Vanney looking to replicate the 2011-12 Chivas blueprint in Toronto?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

New Toronto FC manager and former Chivas USA assistant coach Greg Vanney announced his completed coaching staff on Wednesday and there are ties to Chivas USA among almost every one of the assistants.

Vanney was promoted to head coach of Toronto FC when Ryan Nelsen was dismissed on August 31st. The new head man had CUSA connections as he was hired as an assistant for the Goats in January 2011 as part of Robin Fraser's staff. He was also also the technical director of the youth academy before departing in 2012. In December Vanney was hired on as assistant general manager along with the role of youth academy director for TFC.

With the list of assistant coaches for TFC confirmed we can go down the list and find a great deal of CUSA experience:

Nick Theslof (Assistant coach), Chivas USA technical director, assistant coach in 2010

Dan Calichman (Assistant coach), Chivas USA academy coach until his dismissal in 2013, something that became widely publicized after he sued the team for wrongful termination (the suit was settled by February 2014)

Jon Conway (Goalkeeping coach), player for Chivas USA in 2009 (one of 4 GKs that season, along with Zach Thornton, Lance Parker, and Dan Kennedy)

Jim Liston (Director of Sports Science), head of Chivas USA strength and conditioning 2011-12

Although these guys have MLS experience and in particular Calichman and Liston were highly regarded for their roles with CUSA, you have to wonder if this group, with only Conway having any real ties to CUSA's successful years, will really be able to help TFC reach greater heights.

Regardless, there will be quite a few former Goats running Toronto for at least the remainder of the MLS season. Best of luck to all of them except for, you know, Sunday when Chivas face off against Toronto FC!

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