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Could Chivas USA find a stadium site in the San Fernando Valley?

A group is looking to woo the team to their neck of the woods.

A group in the valley is saying "Sí" to Chivas/LA2.
A group in the valley is saying "Sí" to Chivas/LA2.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal published what appears to be a preview of a piece about the prospect of Chivas USA being wooed to move out to the Valley.

Elliot Golan's article was pretty short, so there aren't a lot of details in it, but apparently the Valley Industry and Commerce Association is spearheading a charge to bring MLS soccer to the area. Based in Sherman Oaks, it appears the group is primarily trying to make the area attractive to an MLS club, and with Chivas USA still officially on the market, that team appears to be the group's target.

On VICA's website, they call themselves a "business advocacy organization." Correct me if I'm wrong, but more than anything, this looks like maybe they're putting their group in the shop window for a potential owner who may need local knowledge on the intricacies of bringing a pro sports team to the area? In other words, unless their mission has substantially changed, I don't think they are looking to buy the team themselves.

Golan notes, "there are a number of significant challenges [in bringing Chivas USA to the San Fernando Valley], including locations for a stadium and the low profile of the Valley."

So, they don't have a stadium location at the ready, from the looks of it, but maybe they can help get one?

MLS has insisted they want LA2 to move to downtown Los Angeles, in line with other stadium projects around the league in recent years. Although the LA Sports Arena site appears to be the frontrunner, the actual feasibility of making that dream a reality, to say nothing of the sale itself of the club, appears to be far from certain at this stage.

Although there is apparently more to Golan's article that hasn't yet been released, based on the information at hand, this appears to be something to keep an eye on, but probably not more at this point. Moving Chivas USA/LA2 to the Valley would represent a physical separation between the team and the LA Galaxy in Carson. The Valley is a big area, but for example, it's about 30 miles between Carson and Sherman Oaks.

But again, we'll see if anything comes of this. We will, of course, keep you updated on any developments. First and foremost, CUSA needs an owner.

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