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Will Erick "Cubo" Torres take his Mexican national team opportunity with both hands?

Early returns are promising, but Cubo has a great deal of work in order to establish himself fully with his national team.

The door is open for Mexico glory, if Cubo can take advantage.
The door is open for Mexico glory, if Cubo can take advantage.
Stephen Dunn

Editor's Note: We welcome a new writer to The Goat Parade team -- Cesar Hernandez, who has considerable experience covering Mexican soccer. Here's his first contribution to the site.

In case you have been living under a rock, such as my dear friend Patrick Star, you may have missed out on the fact that Erick Torres was once again called-up to the Mexican national team for their friendlies in October. Which is very significant for Cubo and El Tri.

Although the striker has had an impressive and long history with Mexico's youth squads, it wasn't until this year that Mexico head coach Miguel "Piojo" Herrera decided to utilize the 21-year-old for El Tri's friendlies back in September.

Cubo was given the start for Mexico against Bolivia on September 9th and was fantastic up front for his national team. The striker was slightly hesitant in his debut but showed an immense amount of potential as an attacker. Honestly, all that was missing from his great performance was a goal — a feat which he had almost achieved against Bolivia and could have possibly rocketed him to stardom if he had done so.

With the wealth of opportunities that Mexico will have next year (e.g. Copa America and the Gold Cup), Cubo will have a great chance to make a name for himself in world futbol but must take advantage of the opportunities given to him.

Raul Jimenez, Giovani dos Santos, Javier Hernandez, and Alan Pulido are all fantastic and young options for Mexico and direct competition for Cubo. Other than Pulido, all aforementioned strikers are currently playing in Spain for world-class teams.

That being said, Mexico has recently struggled with scoring, and when they do happen to score, it isn't always from a striker. Cubo must recognize this need for a goal-scorer and continue that momentum from Chivas USA which has made him truly relevant for Mexico fans. The 21-year-old needs to overcome his hesitation with the ball and portray the kind of attitude and confidence that he has in the MLS.

Mexico is in a time of transition and so desperately needs an attacking catalyst that Cubo so perfectly represents. Will he follow through?

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