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Break out the swimming caps, Chivas USA's Leandro Barrera fined by MLS for diving

Chivas USA forward Leandro Barrera has been fined by the MLS Discliplinary Committee an undisclosed amount for simulation during the 80th minute of last weekend's match against Toronto FC.

The on-loan Argentine seemed to make a meal of a challenge that ocurred right outside the box late on in Sunday's game and video of the incident can be viewed above.

The MLS has been a front runner when it comes to dishing out retroactive punishments for diving as the Disciplinary Committee has been doing so since the 2011 season. The first punished diver was current New England Revolution forward Charlie Davies who had to fork over $1,000 dollars for his offense.

Young Barrera was probably watching some stars from you know, every other league in the world when he created this dive here. While he did grab his face and crash to the earth like being hit by a sniper, it is hardly the worst dive ever and I'm sure Mexican fans will agree that there was more contact here than Arjen Robben's World Cup round-of-16 penalty winning dive. (NO ERA PENAL!)

What do you guys think, was this a fine-worthy dive from Barrera? Leave a comment below!