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Report: Chivas USA inching closer to multiyear hiatus following conclusion of 2014 season

At least two years, no big deal, apparently.

The little team that wasn't...apparently won't.
The little team that wasn't...apparently won't.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Jeff Carlisle reported on Monday that Chivas USA will indeed go on hiatus following the conclusion of the current Major League Soccer season, citing multiple sources.

Carlisle more or less affirms Brian Straus' original report on earlier this month, which tabbed the club's chances of not playing in MLS next season at "99 percent certainty."

This latest report is perhaps a bit more emphatic in explaining the thrust behind suspending operations is in fact the incoming owners, an "undisclosed investment group" that will buy the team for around $100 million, and evidently want the time off to secure a stadium site for the club and work to relaunch around that.

As for the length of the hiatus, Carlisle has this chilling note if you are a fan of the club: "The club is expected to go dark for a minimum of two years until the new ownership group can plan and build a new stadium for the team."

Since we all know how easy it is to build a stadium in LA, much less downtown Los Angeles, I'm sure it will obviously be 2017, here we come! /sarcasm

All in all, this latest report does not get any confirmation from the league, so it does remain a report, but given who is behind it, and how multiple reports from multiple reputable journalists are starting to add up, in addition to MLS' tacit confirmation that hiatus is a possibility, means the tea leaves truly look like there will only be one team playing in MLS in the LA area next season and beyond. And that's still pretty awful.

We will have the latest when we learn more.

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