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Report: LA Dodgers co-owner Peter Guber, Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan among group to buy Chivas USA franchise

Could this quartet be the group to begin the next phase of this team/a team in LA?

Guber: Dodgers co-owner among the reported co-owners of LA2.
Guber: Dodgers co-owner among the reported co-owners of LA2.

Another day, another big report concerning the future of Chivas USA. Grant Wahl reported both on Fox Sports 1 during UEFA Champions League coverage and on on Tuesday the identities of the new owners for Chivas USA's franchise.

The headlining names are Peter Guber, a studio founder and executive who is also co-owner of the Golden State Warriors, and perhaps more relevant to local interests, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Vincent Tan, the Malaysian billionaire who has garnered tons of press since becoming the owner of English Championship side Cardiff City.

Besides that duo, the other two partners Wahl reveals are Henry Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American businessman who would be the majority partner and move to Los Angeles, something that CUSA president Nelson Rodriguez said earlier this year was a requirement of the new owners, that somebody must actually be based locally, and Tom Penn, familiar to NBA audiences as a former executive and assistant General Manager with the Portland TrailBlazers who has since become an NBA analyst for ESPN broadcasts.

The group seems like a random bunch, but it would actually crystalize two of the interested ownership group rumors I've heard about this year, "Asian businessmen" (for lack of a better descriptor), and "Dodgers' owners." That they ended up being the same group means they have probably been the frontrunners for some time, and the deal may be just about wrapped up.

On that note, Wahl says the news drop concerning the new ownership of the team could come "as soon as next week," and as multiple readers of this site have noted, the MLS Board of Governors meeting will be held in Los Angeles on Monday. I have no idea if they need to vote on this, but if they do, and presuming the ratification passes, it could be the final hurdle to bringing new ownership aboard for a troubled team.

Oh, and Wahl also drops a big tidbit concerning a future stadium site for the team: the main locations the prospective owners are looking at are, as he quotes a source, "not far from the Staples Center," which would be downtown LA, or near Hollywood Park. The latter could make a ton of sense because it's a dormant racetrack with, say, a soccer-stadium sized patch of land just sitting there at the moment.

Of course, all of this comes alongside the reports, updated as of Monday, that the new owners, unnamed in those reports, want to shut the team down for at least two seasons, possibly more. So again, this is a real good news/bad news situation, if all of it is true (and it seems pretty likely).

We will obviously have more coverage of the story as it develops, which it certainly will.

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