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Alexi Lalas spotted at LA Dodgers game last week with reported new Chivas USA owners Peter Guber, Henry Nguyen, Tom Penn

Could one of the most prominent names in American soccer have a role to play with the new club?

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Adding another layer to the intrigue surrounding the future of Chivas USA/LA2, Grant Wahl, who earlier on Tuesday reported about the possible identities of the new ownership group, tweeted out a pretty interesting photo:

Hilariously, this photo made the rounds last week on the night of the game, but nobody really paid attention to who Lalas was sitting with. Instead, there were lots of comments along the lines of "Soccer guy at a baseball game, lol" on social media.

Of course, this has started the rumor mill churning about potential involvement for Lalas and LA2. The former U.S. Men's National Team defender and longtime MLS veteran has of course been an executive in MLS as well, with the MetroStars/Red Bulls, San Jose Earthquakes, and LA Galaxy, and like Penn, currently works for ESPN.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that Lalas lives in LA, and has been linked with a move to Fox after his current contract with ESPN runs out this year. Of course, CUSA/LA2 is likely to sit dormant for several years, according to reports, so Lalas could work as an analyst for Fox while working with the reconstituted club in some capacity in the meantime. Let's just hope he doesn't plan on working primarily off Skype, like current Fox analyst Eric Wynalda did for a time as coach of NASL side Atlanta Silverbacks, while still doing his day job on TV.

So could Lalas have a role to play with the new club? Perhaps. The group sat together in a very visible place at Dodger Stadium, in a place where TV cameras were going to spot them, so they weren't exactly hiding any interaction. At the same time, it could have been a social visit, a way for the reported owners to pull Lalas' ear about MLS in a formal or informal capacity, who knows.

But it could also be the first public sighting of a very momentous partnership. We'll keep you posted on any developments as they arise.

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