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It's official: There will be no NASL team playing in Los Angeles in 2015

Despite reports that the league could come to our neck of the woods this year, that isn't how it turned out.

You won't see the Cosmos or Strikers in LA this year.
You won't see the Cosmos or Strikers in LA this year.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the North American Soccer League released its Fall 2015 schedule, featuring 11 teams.

Though there is one new team for 2015, Jacksonville Armada, there is no team from Los Angeles included.

This is not necessarily surprising, of course, since no LA expansion team has been officially announced -- as a result, it would be strange to announce a team through the release of a league schedule and not through a separate event.

But prior reports had speculated that not only would an NASL team be coming to Southern California, but the team could begin play in the Fall season this year (the NASL season is split into two seasons, similar to Mexico's season structure, at least for the regular season). That's obviously not come to pass.

So no NASL soccer in the area this year. That doesn't mean, of course, that a team still couldn't be announced over the course of 2015, but they won't play until next year at the very earliest. Or, you know, a team may not be coming to Los Angeles after all, who knows.

At any rate, we'll keep track of this in case there is a change in this story.

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