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LAFC co-owner Tony Robbins on Twitter: He's just like us!

Trying to get some of that #TeamFollowback action.

Robbins: Looking for a key follow on Twitter.
Robbins: Looking for a key follow on Twitter.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There are many ways to network in this world. Bumping into fellow professionals at social or business events, being introduced by a mutual friend or acquaintance, getting hold of an e-mail address and reaching out privately. Maybe if you're important enough, your assistant contacts someone else's assistant, I don't know.

There's also social media, and asking for a follow on Twitter.

LAFC co-owner Tony Robbins recently tried that tack with Sporting Kansas City co-owner Robb Heineman:

Hey, we've all tried it at some point. One would think Robbins could use private channels to get in touch with Heineman, but when the Twitter action gets going, sometimes you just can't stop the momentum.

On a serious note, you could do a lot worse than talk to the architects of Kansas City's MLS resurgence, complete with state-of-the-art stadium and successful rebranding. Here's hoping LAFC's owners are really doing their homework in figuring out how to be successful in this league.

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