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Chivas USA entitled to more than $100,000 because of 2014 World Cup

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But when was it paid? And who got the money?

Minda: Bringing home the bacon, sorta.
Minda: Bringing home the bacon, sorta.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Did you know that players who go to the World Cup bring money back for their club teams?

Yeah, in addition to picking up payments/bonuses for playing in games themselves, internationals also help chip in to club coffers. In the case of the World Cup, that was to the tune of $2,800 each day, paid out by FIFA.

The European Club Association released a list of the payments on Thursday on what each team in the world was entitled to by virtue of having their players at the World Cup, and lo and behold, Chivas USA was on the list!

Yes, Chivas USA, the dead team, showed up on the list. Of course, they had two players participate in the World Cup in Brazil: midfielder Oswaldo Minda (Ecuador) and winger Marvin Chavez (Honduras).

As a result, Chivas USA was entitled to $108,267 from FIFA for Minda and Chavez. Remarkably enough, that's good for seventh among the 16 MLS teams that had players at the World Cup.

My question, of course, is when the money was paid. If it was paid after November, then CUSA never got ahold of it, and presumably MLS gladly accepted it. Of course, based on MLS' system, maybe MLS was paid directly for all of their teams and then doled it out. Who knows.

It would have been neat if they could have gotten paid fast, then turned around and signed a player in the summer transfer window. Somehow I doubt that's how it shook out. But, hey, Chivas USA reference in world soccer!

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