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New #OCB team joins USL, confusing those who are aware of OC Blues' existence

Welcome #OCB #OCB #OCB #OCB.

Liza Rosales/OC Blues FC

USL and Orlando City SC announced on Thursday the creation of Orlando City B, a USL reserve team for the MLS side that will begin play in USL from next season. While it's a variation of the II/2 format we've seen with other MLS2 teams, I suppose you could say Orlando City are trying to mix it up a bit with their new team's name.

Of course, from day one they are marketing themselves as #OCB, which is a bit curious considering there's already a team with the same abbreviation in USL kicking around. You know, the team based in Orange County, with the nickname of the Blues...

The club itself sort of nodded to the confusion with a double #OCB in their welcome tweet to the new team on the block:

They'll play in separate conferences and likely never meet, so except for things like telling the players apart on statistics and such, I guess it doesn't matter too much. Still, I wonder if both teams will have ownership over #OCB, or if it's too confusing and one team will have to find a new hashtag and abbreviation for their team.

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