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Once a Goat: Josue Soto suspended by San Antonio Scorpions for sharing information with opponents

Not a happy update for a former Goat.

Soto (L): Tough times for the former CUSA player.
Soto (L): Tough times for the former CUSA player.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a not-so-happy story for a former Chivas USA player: Josue Soto, who won NASL's Soccer Bowl last year with the San Antonio Scorpions, has been suspended by his club for reportedly providing information to opponents, and is now under investigation from the league for "potential misconduct."

The best source so far on the developing story comes from, which has somewhat contradictory information regarding the potential no-no done by Soto:

The extent of Soto's alleged misconduct was not immediately clear. Sources characterized it as sharing of information, such as starting lineups, with former teammates. It is unclear whether there was any intent to sabotage the Scorpions.

So the charge is either that he was willfully sharing competitive info with opponents or was too naive to prevent himself from doing so. Either way, it's pretty damning, and unless there's a complete reversal in a hurry concerning the suspension, it's probably safe to say he won't be welcomed back to the Scorpions or NASL.

What's strange is that this is a unique charge, really. I imagine something like this happens every now and then, but if it does occur, teams don't typically come out and say it. This is the only case I can recall of the exact accusation being publicized since I started covering the sport.

And while I wouldn't put him in the same company, Soto isn't the first former Goat to get in trouble for hurting the integrity of the game. Osael Romero was part of the El Salvador National Team's matchfixing scandal in 2013, and has been banned from the sport since he was found culpable.

So we'll see what happens. Of course, he's been suspended but it appears the investigation is ongoing. It could be blown out of proportion, but again, this is pretty significant on the surface and could have a real detrimental effect on his career. Stay tuned.

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