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LAFC release hype video about first year of existence

The star owners come out to speak about the club's project.

And here I thought there wouldn't be a lot of commemorations of LAFC's one-year anniversary.

LAFC are indeed commemorating one year of existence, and on Friday they released a hype video that featured some footage and photos of the past year.

And instead of looking back at the big stadium announcement event or the initial event that announced the club itself, they focused on supporters, with a message of building the club from the ground up, with the help of the fans.

Featuring spoken comments from owner and president Tom Penn and owners Mia Hamm, Nomar Garciaparra and Magic Johnson, as well as a cameo from Peter Guber, it's got a loud style, but certainly a pretty interesting hype video for a team that is still years away from fielding a, you know, team.

How many more sleeps until this team starts playing? I kid, I kid.

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