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Why Fox's use of Donald Trump in their U.S.-Mexico hype video was a terrible idea

Selecting a few of the least offensive words of a demagogue isn't really the way to go.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There's a big game tomorrow between the U.S. and Mexico, and in Southern California, people are getting hyped up. Several weeks back, TV Azteca used buffoonish rich guy and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a hype video, as a winking nod of sorts to critique Trump's undisguised racism against Mexicans.

This morning, Fox, who will be broadcasting the game in English tomorrow on FS1, dropped a response of sorts, using Trump in a bizarre "AutoTune the news" way to hype up the game from the American perspective and "Make America Great Again."

I would say I cannot tell you how tone deaf this video is, but that's wrong because a bunch of people on Twitter are doing that very thing right now. What they've done is pander to the most reactionary fans of all, while making those who may be dyed-in-the-wool U.S. fans who remain reasonable people recoil in horror at being associated with someone who routinely spouts hateful rhetoric. Not a good look.

Donald Trump, despite the out of context clip that he has respect for Mexicans in the video, has repeatedly used rhetoric out of a time truly gone by to demonize Mexicans as criminals, as blights on the American community (presuming that such an identity as Mexican-American cannot exist, and furthermore, that people of Mexican heritage cannot be considered American), and as rapists coming to defile American (read: white) women.

This man, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who has gotten multiple chances in his life to remake his fortune after blowing it, who has an established pattern of discrimination against non-white people in his housing, now has decided being a TV star isn't good enough and now he wants the ego trip of being president. Of the United States. And the wealth he currently has was largely built on the backs of non-white, female labor. No hypocrisy there, nope.

Donald Trump has also shown a long pattern of misogyny as well, which makes me equally mad with his anti-Mexican racism. The fact is, if you're trying to promote a soccer game, this is quite possibly the worst possible person to use to hype it up.

I'm not alone in this belief, or else Fox wouldn't be facing wide and swift criticism for releasing this video.  The fact is, if you are trying to argue that we need to "Make America Great Again" through soccer, you're implying the contributions of people like Ventura Alvarado, Michael Orozco, Nick Rimando, Herculez Gomez, Joe Corona, Jose Francisco Torres, William Yarbrough, Greg Garza, Miguel Ibarra, and many more are not really valid.

If you're saying a U.S.-Mexico soccer game is the way to "Make America Great Again," you're ignoring the fact that plenty of people of Mexican heritage have helped to shape the world we live in, on the soccer field and in society generally, and much of it is already pretty great. All in all, not a bad way to alienate a ton of fans, Fox, in a sport that is still desperate to grow in the U.S.

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