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Introducing the 2015 Orange County Blues player postmortems

Our annual series commences, this time covering one of the surprise teams in USL in 2015.

Liza Rosales/OC Blues FC

We at The Goat Parade have gone a full year without an MLS team playing games to cover. But that didn't mean we didn't cover any games this year.

That's right, we followed local USL team Orange County Blues this season, from preseason camp to the end of their playoff run, and now we bring you an annual tradition, the player postmortems.

Given we're covering a different team and a different league, these postmortem articles will be a little different, but we'll still devote a piece for each of the guys who came through and played for the Blues this season. By my count, it looks like we'll be profiling 29 players this season.

Some of these players will return next season. Others will join other teams, in USL or other leagues (if they haven't already). Some may not have much time left in their careers, honestly. But we'll cover them all, as we did for Chivas USA players for four consecutive years.

Please feel free to share these posts, and let us know if you have input on the players or the format of these articles.