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LAFC clears a hurdle in quest to build new stadium

One step is accomplished as the club seeks to get full approval to begin the physical phase of the plan.

Hamm: Lending her voice to the stadium project.
Hamm: Lending her voice to the stadium project.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LAFC quietly put up a press release on their website on Wednesday, where they announced the California Science Center and Exposition Park Commission unanimously approved the MLS expansion club's plans to build a soccer-specific stadium on the site where the LA Sports Arena currently sits.

That means one item is marked off the checklist and according to the club, the next step will be the City of Los Angeles Planning Commission in December, and then the Los Angeles City Council in having the plans approved before any demolition and construction can begin.

Co-owner Mia Hamm represented the club in giving her pitch on the location to the Commission, and according to the release, said, "I represented the United States in four World Cups and three Olympics and understand  what this sport means to people, this city and globally. The potential of what the team can  bring to LA and what LA can bring to soccer as a sport here in America is exponential. This site, with its history of sports, is the perfect location to bring the world's game to the world's city. It's truly in the center of this city, part of the LA sports corridor, is among some of the best institutions and museums, and in a beautiful Park."

What's interesting is that this news has gotten practically no coverage, with only Nick Green and (via their daily links post) writing it up so far that I can find. I can't tell if this stadium sausage-making is so boring that the mainstream news organizations just don't care, or that this was so clearly expected that it's barely even news. I did corroborate the item was on the Commission's meeting agenda, however.

At any rate, one can't necessarily assume something will be approved until it is, especially when it comes to local politics and shifting agendas. The massive LA Coliseum renovation plan has taken the local headlines in the past week or so, which may be a blessing in disguise for LAFC, who can toil in relative obscurity and finish the bureaucratic process before breaking ground and actually getting the physical process underway.

We'll keep you posted on updates regarding LAFC and their stadium.

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