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Rose Bowl lobbying to be a Copa America Centenario venue

The stadium has plenty of history as a successful soccer venue - will it get the nod?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Rose Bowl was the site of an unforgettable game last month where over 90,000 came out to see the U.S. and Mexico play in a one-off competitive match. Could we see more top-shelf soccer at that location next year?

It seems pretty likely, as the Rose Bowl will bid for "as many as four games" in next year's special tournament between South American and CONCACAF teams, according to a report in The Los Angeles Times on Friday from Kevin Baxter.

U.S. Soccer, who will be determining the host sites after finally agreeing to hold the tournament in the states after CONCACAF and CONMEBOL extracted themselves from shady and/or illegal media rights deals in the wake of the FIFA scandal this year, will pick as many as 16 sites, and every stadium that will be used will host at least two games. Baxter reports that the Rose Bowl has four major event dates free on their calendar for 2016, and will attempt to fill those dates with Copa America games.

While not necessarily a certainty, it seems absolutely logical that one site will be in Southern California, and with the aging Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego and LA Memorial Coliseum being far more spartan than the Rose Bowl, the Pasadena stadium would appear to have the inside track in the region. And being a site that's hosted two World Cup finals in addition to many other high-profile soccer games, many of them sellouts, it seems pretty logical.

The tournament itself will take place next June. MLS is rumored to be taking a break during at least part of the Copa America. Baxter reports that the cities that have made bids to be hosts will be announced by the end of the month, but word on when the actual sites will be announced is unknown at present.

We'll keep you posted if there are more details in this story. And start saving your pennies for tickets, just in case.

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