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Rumor: Sting part of bid to bring NASL team to Orange County?

Don't stand too close to this rumor?

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Here's an interesting two-part soccer rumor. Northern California-based journalist Evan Ream tweeted out a rumor with two different, fascinating parts.

First, the more serious side of the potential story:

Now, Ream then clarified on Twitter that the current pro team in Orange County, the USL's Orange County Blues, were not part of this apparent effort to move to NASL. For those who have followed that team, that is not a surprise in the least, as they seem to have found their level.

Of course, we've heard before that an announcement on a Los Angeles NASL team was imminent, only for absolute silence and the reports to disappear altogether. Given that it's a different location, in Orange County, maybe it's different this time, who knows.

But here's where the rumor gets really, ahem, entertaining:

Now the NASL have gotten in the habit of celebrity owners of late, with Carmelo Anthony getting an expansion club in Puerto Rico and a random Spanish team jumping in on an expansion bid in Oklahoma City. And also there's nothing that says celebrities can't own soccer teams and be effective in whatever capacity. I mean, Elton frickin' John owned and ran Watford FC back in the day and did a solid job, all while being a recording superstar.

But still. Having a celebrity connected to what looks like a vanity project in Southern California looks funny as an initial report. Maybe it's legit and maybe it will come together, but the initial impression is to make jokes, which many people have done on social media so far.

At any rate, we'll follow this story if there's more to it, and if it does progress we can talk about the brass tacks like where the team could play. Stay tuned.

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