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LAFC provide update on stadium process, say they hope to take over site in May 2016

Gotta wait for The Boss to come through town first.


The big news on Tuesday during LAFC's press conference may have been announcing the appointment of John Thorrington as executive VP of soccer operations, but there was an update on the club's stadium project during the event.

The gist? LAFC need to get the final approvals for the project, which we already knew about, and they have targeted May 2016 as the date when they can take over the site.

Among the obstacles of a sort is a...Bruce Springsteen concert?

Co-owner and executive chairman Peter Guber first brought up the stadium deal and Springsteen while introducing Thorrington.

"We're going to build a stadium here," he said. "We hope to be the act that follows the last act of Bruce Springsteen, which comes this spring, and we hope to be equally successful as he has been. We're going to be sure that our season starts in 2018, and we're going to be building our organization."

For the record, Springsteen is scheduled to play the Sports Arena on March 15.

During the Q&A portion of the press conference, the three men were asked to clarify the situation with the stadium deal, and co-owner and president Tom Penn answered the question (his remarks reproduced in full below):

"We're on track and on target. We are in the approval process with our plan to have all of our government approvals and be ready to take possession of the Sports Arena across the street in May. We still have a process to go through with the city that is ongoing and has been very favorably received, thanks to the leadership of Councilman Curran Price and the other members of the city council now that are driving this. We're enthusiastic and excited to complete the process.

"But we're on target, have a little ways to go, but we intend to take possession in mid-May."

So there you go. We'll be on the lookout for the latest approvals before the deal is officially official, but it appears the big countdown at the moment is for mid-May 2016. We'll keep you posted on anything new coming out regarding this story.

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