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Won't you be The Goat Parade's Valentine?

Time to get in the holiday spirit!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA Today Sports

'Tis the season for Valentine's Day. Do you have a special someone in your life? Looking to show them how much you love them? We got a few ideas for soccer-themed valentines, as has become the tradition in soccer circles in recent years.

First, here's one that's simple and to the point:

Cubo Valentine

What if your dilemma is to appeal to someone you admire and haven't quite gotten to the L-word phase? Hey, we've got you covered there as well:

Chivas USA Valentine

Is that not quite striking the tone you wanted? Looking ahead to the future, say 2017 in particular? No worries, here's something more hopeful that looks to a future with you and your possible paramour:

LAFC Valentine

That's what we were able to muster with about 15 minutes of effort. Think you can do better? By all means, show us! Tell us what you think about these, and create some of your own and share them in the comments section below!