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Once a Goat: Justin Braun re-signs, Patrick McLain joins Sacramento Republic FC

Sacramento is becoming something of a mecca for former Chivas USA personnel.

McLain: Found a new team.
McLain: Found a new team.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a one-time Chivas USA fan looking for a new club to root for in American soccer, at least until 2017, you may consider Sacramento Republic FC.

In addition to featuring former players Justin Braun and Rodrigo Lopez last season, as well as having former Goats boss Preki as coach, the USL defending champions have added another former Goat to the fold, as they announced on Tuesday they have signed goalkeeper Patrick McLain, as well as re-signing Braun in a deal that will last through the 2016 season.

I would have to think hard and do some research to determine if this is the largest concentration of former Goats on one team at present, but if it isn't do let me know.

It is unclear if McLain will be in line for much playing time or not this season, as Sac Republic also re-signed Dominic Jakubek, who played 14 games in net last season. Still, it should represent a good opportunity for McLain, who is still pretty young, at 26, and he saw a fair amount of action last year with the Orange County Blues before departing that club.

For Braun, the deal represents a settled situation for the striker, who spent four seasons with Chivas to start his career before bouncing around with three other MLS clubs in two seasons. Last year, he was captain of the start-up Republic, and found glory in a new setting, reuniting with the coach who originally discovered him and raising silverware.

Best of luck to Justin, Patrick, and the other former Goats for the coming season.

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