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Jonathan Bornstein: "I'd be pretty excited" to play for LAFC

Is a familiar face lining up a move to the newest MLS team?

Bernstein with Chivas: Lining up an eventual move to LAFC?
Bernstein with Chivas: Lining up an eventual move to LAFC?
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Do you remember Jonathan Bornstein? You probably do -- he was once a fixture for Bob Bradley's U.S. Men's National Team and is one of the best players in Chivas USA history.

Unfortunately, as soon as he left the Goats for Mexican side Tigres, he dropped off the face of the earth, as he has primarily sat on the bench for that club, as well as in loan stints with Atlante and currently, Queretaro.

I used to joke that Bornstein was Chivas USA fans' Moby Dick -- something that was always just out of reach. Despite Chivas holding his MLS rights for quite a long time, and Bornstein's career completely moribund in Mexico, he just was not going to let go and admit defeat and come back to MLS.

Bornstein had an interview with Tom Marshall on that was published on Thursday on the back of a rare full 90 minute performance for Queretaro in the Copa MX midweek.

I'd urge you to read the entire article, but the main takeaways are that his contract with Tigres is up at the end of the current season (and it's pretty obvious he won't be re-signed by them), and that he hasn't ruled out a return to MLS (because, of course).

In addition, Bornstein called Chivas USA's demise "disappointing" in the interview. Looking ahead, he is already planting seeds that he would be willing to play for Los Angeles Football Club, when that team actually begins playing:

"It'll be a good franchise and it's my home town, so I'd be pretty excited to go back and play for them," stated the World Cup 2010 veteran.

Who knows if this is in the cards, since he has two years to wait and will likely return to MLS in the meantime. Still, he'll be 32 at that point (though his legs should be pretty fresh, with not playing a great deal the past five years), and it would represent some nice continuity between the previous second team in LA and the new one. Of course, maybe LAFC would be so skittish about CUSA comparisons that they would not be interested in bringing back any old Chivas USA players, who knows how deep their desire to be distinct from the old team runs.

Still, maybe Jonny B. could find some traction in his career again, and maybe it will be with LAFC. In some ways, it would be poetic justice for player and team alike. But we'll see how it goes over the next couple years.

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