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Once a Goat: Marvin Chavez signed by San Antonio Scorpions, Kris Tyrpak waived by San Jose Earthquakes

One player finds a club, while another is on the hunt for a new team.

Chavez in action with Chivas in 2014.
Chavez in action with Chivas in 2014.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Some news this week on the former Chivas USA player front, some good, some not as good.

First, winger Marvin Chavez, who played for the Goats from May 2014 until he got sent off the field in October in his final appearance for the club, has landed with NASL champions San Antonio Scorpions, the team announced on Thursday. Chavez had spent much of the preseason on trial with one of his former teams, FC Dallas, but reports out of Frisco were that he would not fit in the team's budget and so they passed. With this signing, he gets to stay in the U.S. and in Texas to boot. Chavez will join another former Chivas USA player (though not a former teammate) in Josue Soto, who was part of the Scorpions Soccer Bowl-winning team last season.

In other news, Kristopher Tyrpak, who was selected by the San Jose Earthquakes in December's Dispersal Draft, was waived by that club, they announced on Thursday. It's kind of a shame, since he got so little playing time in his rookie year with CUSA, and I was someone who hoped he would find a good home in San Jose.

He still has time to find a new team, in MLS or another league, before the seasons start, though he'll have a bit more of an uphill climb in MLS with that season (theoretically) so close. Still, best of luck to him and hopefully he can find a good situation for 2015.

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