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USL: Orange County Blues announce acquisition of Salvadoran forward Christofer Ramirez on loan

Ramirez brings a pretty good strike record from his domestic league.

Local USL side Orange County Blues announced on Monday an addition to the squad, in picking up forward Christofer Ramirez on loan from Salvadoran club Atletico Marte. The 25-year-old came through the club's youth ranks and played for that club's first team 2011-14, scoring 26 goals in 103 appearances (though the Blues' release says he has scored 30 goals to date with Atletico), which is apparently highest in club history in the Apertura/Clausura era. Ramirez has also been an El Salvador youth international through the U-23 level.

The move, of course, is little surprise to those who watched the Blues' opener over the weekend, as Ramirez started the match and whose most notable play was sending some kind of shot into Arizona United SC defender Tyler Ruthven's face when Ruthven held him back from running the ball to the center circle after the Blues scored in the 35th minute to cut Arizona's lead. The broadcasters on the feed thought Ramirez punched Ruthven, while it looked a little more ambiguous to me on the stream, as it may have been more like a forearm to to face. Either way, it was quite the way to make an impression in the league, although I guess it's nice to see a player with passion, etc.

With the move, it appears the Blues have filled their allotted quota of seven international players, as Brenton Griffiths and Seung-ju Kim return to the team this season. Besides them, the club has brought it four players who surely count as internationals (Ramirez, Didier Crettenand, Luka Petricevic, Denzel Slager).

The Blues have this week off, before getting back to action Sunday, Apr. 12 at home against Vancouver Whitecaps 2.

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