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Believe it! Chivas USA played a real game in a tournament today

They're alive (in a sense)!

Alicia Rodriguez

You probably read the headline and figure I'm playing some sort of April 1st-related joke, but check it out! Chivas USA played today, and you can see it for yourself!

The team in question is, of course, the Chivas USA Academy team that is currently participating in the Generation adidas Cup in Frisco, Texas. On Wednesday, the junior Goats were part of the slate of featured games streamed on, in the early game.

Fortunately, the game has been preserved for posterity and you can watch it, in its entirety, here.

Unfortunately the team couldn't make it a clean 3-for-3 in the group stage at the tournament, as they lost to Japanese side Sagan Tosu 1-0 on a heartbreaking late goal. Ran Otsubo shimmied from the endline into the box and past a pair of defenders before finishing well, bouncing the ball in off the far post in the 68th minute to grab the win (games in the tournament are 70 minutes). As a result of the win, Sagan Tosu will advance to the semifinals of the Champions Division, which is the consolation bracket in the tournament.

Youth soccer should be about player development more than results, but considering this could be the final-ever tournament for this Chivas USA group (the USSDA teams still have a chance of making the league playoffs at the end of the season), it would have been nice for them to win something in the CUSA name one final time. It must be said, though that there were several players from the U-14 squad playing for the Goats in the tournament, so it's impressive that they were able to hang with players who were mostly older than them, sometimes by several years, at all.

And if you want to see the quick and dirty highlights of a Chivas USA team that did indeed play soccer on April 1, 2015 (no joke, no fooling, I swear), here they are for your convenience.

We'll have more coverage of Chivas USA's Academy, as always, in the group's final months.

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