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MLS Fantasy: To wildcard or not to wildcard?

Is now the time to pull the wildcard trigger?

Saunders: His outfit may not match here, but he's the MLS Fantasy pick of the week.
Saunders: His outfit may not match here, but he's the MLS Fantasy pick of the week.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So, how's your MLS Fantasy team going? Mine's so-so. My double game week-heavy strategy last week kinda paid off, with my progress in various standard and head-to-head leagues being mixed.

There are more double game week's for Week 7, of course, as New York City FC and the Philadelphia Union play twice. Their first game is against each other, tonight, so your Week 7 deadline is today at 4 pm PT.

Since I had a slew of Vancouver Whitecaps players last week, I was struck with the option of playing my annual wildcard. First, I should mention that I usually don't even use my wildcard, which probably sounds crazy, but I always figure I'll need it later, and before I know it there's two weeks left in the season and who wants to use it by that point?

So I'll cut to the chase and say I'm not going to use my wildcard this week. I'm inclined to try to hold onto it until the Gold Cup players leave, in case I need to use it. Still, if you went overboard on double game week players last week and need to move most of them on this week, it may be something of use.

Here are my tips for this week:

  • All in on Josh Saunders: Yeah, goalkeepers can have bad runs, but Saunders has arguably been NYCFC's best player overall so far this season, he'll play both games this week unless he gets hurt or suspended, and NYCFC have another double game week in two weeks, so he'll likely play five games in the next three game weeks. He was the easiest pick of the week for me.
  • Who the hell knows game of the week: FC Dallas vs. Toronto FC - Dallas look like they are taking their annual April-May siesta in MLS, while Toronto FC have barely played, are in the middle of their brutal road trip to start the season, and their players are still learning how to play together. This will probably be a draw, but I could see literally any kind of outcome for both sides in this game. That means your MLS Fantasy prospects will be pretty shaky as far as predictions go (I transferred Fabian Castillo out this week until he finds some openings and scores more points).
  • Know your loans: For fringe players who you think could get some minutes or could chip off your bench when you're in a pinch, you should probably be aware of who's on loan. You can go through all of the MLS teams websites and twitter pages as well as those of their USL (and NASL) counterparts, but on the USL front, this is a good resource to refer to, and it's something that is updated regularly. Keep in mind that sometimes teams send players on loan and then announce it later (or not at all), as the loans can be temporary and very short, but that loan page should be a reference point to make sure you don't waste a spot in your lineup on a player who won't even be with his MLS team.
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