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The mystery of LAFC's scarf photos in England

Is this like a new style of taking pictures or something?

@LAFC Twitter account

If you follow Los Angeles Football Club's social media accounts, you'll see various photos nowadays, of pretty random soccer items. Local rec fields, U.S. Men's National Team stuff, the Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo graphics awhile back that went over, well, it wasn't all that popular, at least judging by my Twitter feed.

I give them kind of a pass overall on these random messages, just because there's not much to do right now with the team still waiting to create any news. They're trying to stay in the forefront of fans and potential fans' minds, but short of repeatedly saying, "No news yet!" they need to get creative. It's just a matter of tapping into the vein that will excite most folks, and it seems like they're still working on that.

However, I saw a second photo this weekend of an apparent series of LAFC scarves touring English stadiums, and it can't go unremarked.

Here's the first one, from April 12:

Ok, there are a lot of Manchester United fans around (though also a lot of Man U haters), and the stadium is one of the most notable in world soccer. But why is the guy in the picture looking to the right instead of straight at the camera? I guess maybe someone sitting  nearby is about to deck him and he wants to avoid being completely sucker punched? Hmm, ok.

Must be a random thing. I'm sure the next one will be bett..

Huh? Another photo of a person holding up a scarf and looking to the right? Why?!

I mean, how hard is it to look directly at the camera? It's one thing to be doing something truly candid, but who poses for a photo but purposely looks away from the camera right in front of them?

It's likely there's another camera that these guys are actually looking at, but why not use that angle instead? So many questions!

To be fair, there was a photo in the middle of these two featuring a man who appears to be some kind of celebrity chef in England holding an LAFC scarf who's looking right at the camera. Might just be me, but maybe more of this, please.

What do you think? Do you prefer people to look at the camera, or maybe show an aloof side by looking away? Leave a comment below!