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MLS Commissioner Don Garber: Could announce LAFC stadium in 30-40 days

A (possible) timeline for news!

Garber: Maybe some stadium news coming up?
Garber: Maybe some stadium news coming up?
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We've got a lot of quote snippets from journalists this morning at the Associated Press Sports Editors event in New York. Of particular note to local audiences is what MLS Commissioner Don Garber said about expansion side LAFC.

The new Los Angeles team, which was announced seven months ago, is still waiting to break any substantive news, though as readers of this site will know, that's because the club plans to secure their stadium site before proceeding with anything else, as explained by team president Tom Penn at the LAFC Roundtable event earlier this month.

So this may be of real interest to those eagerly awaiting news:

Not to be a pedant, but that timeline would put a "hopeful" announcement around the beginning of June or so. So a tentative yay is in order?

But beyond that, there's more that Garber discussed about the new team:

But he also applauds the team's social media presence, which has gotten mixed assessments so far by the chattering classes:

Also, for those interested in the larger future of MLS (but also LAFC), here's an interesting note:

I may be reading faaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr too much into this, but if LAFC is considered the 24th team, not only does it seem more and more apparent the team won't begin play until 2018, they may also enter at the same time or even after David Beckham's Miami expansion team, which has been even further behind as far as substantive club building. Of course, it may also just be how Moore structured the tweet, who knows.

Anyway, thanks to all of the guys at today's event who tweeted out info. Hopefully we'll be getting some big news soon.

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