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MLS Fantasy: How do you follow up an amazing week?

Looking for consistency in a Fantasy game...

Obrigada, Kaká, for last week's points.
Obrigada, Kaká, for last week's points.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Not to toot my own horn (warning: totally about to toot my own horn), but I had an outstanding week in MLS Fantasy for Week 4, grabbing 75 points, sweeping my H2H leagues (including the stout competition on The Goat Parade's league) and vaulting up the standings in classic leagues. Life was good, indeed, when looking at those sweet, sweet points come in.

Now, we're on the cusp of Week 5's deadline (for the record, it is today at 4 pm PT), and my question to myself is: How do I follow up on a great week?

It's a conundrum, really. The first thing to realize is that not every week is going to be amazing, and the same group of guys who garner 75 points one week could get you 30 the next. Realistically, there's going to be a letdown.

I'm holding firm with my group, and only making one transfer for the week (bringing in Portland Timbers defender Alvas Powell for NYCFC's Jed Brovsky, who's on a bye this week). As I've mentioned in past MLS Fantasy columns, I tend to stick to the guys who brought me here, which means sometimes I get burned by being too deliberate, but following a big week, I've got to see who is worth keeping around in the weeks to come, when double game weeks start coming into play and will certainly affect transfer strategy.

Here are my (non-expert) tips for this week:

  • Team I like: Sporting Kansas City - Do as I say, not as I do for this one, since I don't have any Sporting players. While they have sputtered to start the season, and their opponents this week, the Philadelphia Union, have played well at Sporting Park in recent years, I'm thinking SKC get it together and continue the pain for the Union. Graham Zusi and Krisztian Nemeth are out, though, so don't grab those guys.
  • Who the hell knows game of the Week: Chicago Fire vs. Toronto FC - While I doubt Chicago could blow out TFC, I think there's a solid chance the Fire wins this, or it's a draw, or TFC comes away with a win. There's a clear talent imbalance on these teams in favor of the Canadian outfit, but between injuries and a lack of time together to really play as a team, this game really is a tossup in my mind.
  • Tip of the week: Captain Kaka - He got me 24 points last week that way, so the least I can do is to give him the honor again. And D.C. United will be missing Steve Birnbaum in defense, so the visitors to Orlando tonight may be out of sorts a bit.
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