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Escándalo! Jorge Vergara says Angelica Fuentes is out at Chivas and Omnilife

The "power" couple who ruined Chivas USA have now possibly ruined their relationship.

via Twitter (@jorgevergara)

For more indication that life around Jorge Vergara is a perpetual circus, comes some pretty big news out of Mexico:

Apparently, Vergara has publicly accused Fuentes of "mismanagement," though initial reports have taken pains to say we're not at the "fraud" stage yet, but maybe that'll come up in divorce court, I don't know.

Here's the kicker quote, to Univision: "Unfortunately I have to admit I was a little blind and did not realize what was happening," Vergara said.

Like, whoa.

We know with Vergara that there's always some craziness around, and that when it comes to his former MLS team, Chivas USA, "mismanagement" is a term that can be thrown at him pretty easily. After all, he (and Fuentes) did such a terrible job running the team on their own for about a year and a half that the team literally ceased to exist less than nine months later.

So it's hard to know what to make of this. Maybe he's gaining leverage for a knockout divorce fight by leaking info (right or wrong) to the public. Maybe Fuentes really did do him wrong and...well, I can't call him "the poor guy" based on that Chivas USA fiasco, but maybe he deserves some sympathy? That just sounds wrong, but who knows.

At any rate, maybe we'll get some juicy details of sapping CUSA's coffers dry in an effort to prop something else in the business empire up (I'm idly speculating here, mind) in the months to come.

Get your popcorn ready, at any rate.

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