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MLS Fantasy: Don't forget to set your team!

Don't be that person and forget to set your lineup today.

Regarding Ousted: Bring me points, bring me sweet little points, please.
Regarding Ousted: Bring me points, bring me sweet little points, please.
Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Well, as predicted, I fell back down to earth last week in MLS Fantasy. I got 43 points, as Octavio Rivero and Harry Shipp did their part (plus double points on Kaká's five, as he was my captain), but just about everyone else basically only got points for showing up. C'est la vie.

This week's non-expert theme is simple: Don't forget to set your lineup! Sure, it's Wednesday, you're thinking, "Hey, I've got two more days to figure out my Fantasy lineup for this week." *AIR HORN* Not true, amigos! The deadline for this week's fantasy lineup is today at 7 pm PT. That's because the Vancouver Whitecaps host Columbus Crew SC at that time.

Now, the second point of advice would be to stock up on Vancouver and Columbus players, since they are playing two games this week, but bear in mind there's been plenty of chatter regarding squad rotation (that dreaded word to Fantasy players) for those teams. You figure both teams will play their starting GKs assuming neither gets injured of picks up a red card tonight, but beyond that, it's anyone's guess.

Regardless, I jumped into the double gameweek frenzy and am starting five players from those two teams this week. I'm a little nervous, in part because of that squad rotation talk and in part because DGW players don't always come through in a way you're expecting, even if they play two games. So I'll let you know next week how my "all-in" strategy paid off..or not.

Other tips for this week:

  • If you somehow have Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Rais Mbolhi, dump him now. Now! The team has publicly benched him and admitted he's out of the country. Also, he was the 15th-best GK to this point, so he probably wasn't really doing much for you anyway when he was playing.
  • Everybody's talking about the brutal road trip for Crew SC this week. In addition to playing in Vancouver today, they have to play in New England this weekend. Not a great hand dealt to them. There's every chance they'll struggle, but this is just never know what will happen, even if Federico Higuain is suspended for the game against the Whitecaps.
  • Tip of the Week - David Ousted: The 'Caps GK is third-best in the league right now on Fantasy points, and after having a rough start to MLS in 2013, settled in nicely last year. He's a player you could hang onto for a long time beyond this week.

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