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LAFC Roundtable wrap: What happened?

What was the format for the roundtable between Penn and members of the public?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club hosted a closed roundtable session with a group of fans on Wednesday afternoon in their office. I was one of the fortunate few to have a seat at the table, for the first of what the club says will be multiple such events moving forward.

As promised, co-owner and team president Tom Penn was present and led the discussion. Two team employees were also at the event, and there were seven members of the public present. Based on mere appearances and the personal details shared, there was a mix of genders (I was not the only female member of the public there), racial identities and local natives vs. transplants to Southern California (including one recent immigrant). Nobody disclosed his/her age, but while it appeared there was a bit of a range, it seemed like all or nearly all of us were in our 20s or 30s.

The event was kind of a mix of Penn discussing matters from LAFC's perspective, answering (a few) questions, and primarily getting input from those in the room regarding three matters: the team's name, a stadium location, and how supporters' section(s) would work. At the very end, after we were told the meeting, scheduled to run an hour, had gone long, a couple of us asked a couple of questions, and then we took a photo together and went on our way for the day.

I'll be up front here and say that there was no big news emerging from the roundtable, as you probably gathered, since I probably would have led with it. That said, there were discussions and comments from Penn regarding several topics that likely of interest to the wider public, and instead of throwing everything together in one omnibus story, I'm going to break them up into bitesized pieces. So be on the lookout for those very soon.

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