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LAFC teases "big news" coming on Monday

Will it be the stadium news we've been expecting?

Los Angeles Football Club have kept prospective fans and MLS observers waiting to get any news beyond a few announcements about hirings and our report of added owners since the announcement of the MLS expansion team's establishment back in October.

Well, the wait to find out something of real consequence concerning LAFC may be coming to an end. The team's Twitter and Facebook pages teased the following on Friday:

What could it be? (Also, quick aside: "2017" isn't featured in that graphic. Small note, but seems ever more likely the team won't join MLS play until 2018).

My inclination is that it has to be stadium-related, considering the team's insistence that stadium news was the single biggest priority, and the hints from the likes of MLS Commissioner Don Garber and LAFC managing partner Henry Nguyen that stadium news would be coming down the pike soon. Let's put it this way: If it isn't an announcement about the stadium, I'll be shocked.

Still, we won't know until it's announced on Monday. No indication yet if there will be a press conference of some sort or if everything will be announced via social media. At any rate, we'll be following along and cover the event!

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