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Real Alessandro Del Piero, fake Mesut Ozil sightings at LAFC stadium announcement

Two World Cup winners (besides Mia Hamm) a sense.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Among the sights at the LAFC stadium site event (see what I did there?) on Monday was two very famous people from the global soccer world, one of whom was really there and one only present in a manner of speaking.

First, former Italian national team and Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero was in the flesh at the event today, for some reason.

For the record, the 40-year-old Del Piero, who since leaving Juve has played for the A-League's Sydney FC and Delhi Dynamos of the Indian Super League, is officially a free agent. Somehow I doubt he'll still be a viable option as a player in three years' time. But still, a World Cup winner in the flesh (besides LAFC co-owner Mia Hamm, of course).

Also spotted at the event was a more recent World Cup winner, although in more of a prospective way, I suppose:

Interesting. Mesut Ozil is a damn good player, would be 29 at the start of the 2018 season...but has negative charisma off the field. I sure hope he wouldn't be the tentpole player to market around, though if he came with another big name player (Cristiano Ronaldo, anyone?), then by all means, welcome aboard Mesut!

Anyway, found those sightings, in a sense, to be interesting.

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